Freight Bill Analysis


Freight invoices will be audited in accordance with rate quotations and published tariffs, errors will be reduced on the freight bills, and the statements balanced.

Correction Report

When we find discrepancies in rates, invoice values or duplicate billings, a Correction Report is issued to you and included with the carrier’s payment. Any questions the carrier may have are handled directly by our staff.

Rate Comparison Report

The Rate Comparison Report compares the cost using your preferred carrier to that of the carrier that was used. The savings are noted and recommendations for rerouting future shipments are made.

Freight Information Management System

Freight Payment Service

The cost of processing freight invoices is staggering. A 1994 study by Union Carbide, published in Business Week, showed they were spending $9.45 to process an invoice and $16.22 for a journal entry. Able Traffic Consultants lowers your cost of processing freight by:
Having freight invoices sent directly to us. We verify and analyze these invoices for the optimal rate and our Freight Information Management System scans the computer for duplicate billings.
Sending you a single recapitulation report, summarizing your costs in a single invoice. When the Recapitulation Report of freight bills is made, the carrier’s cheques are printed. The funds are deposited into our in-trust account and cheques are sent directly to the carriers

Savings Report

At the end of each billing period a Savings Report is sent directly to your Traffic Department. This report helps you understand the tangible benefits of pro-actively managing and auditing your freight.

Tonnage Report

Knowing the volumes and lane movements of freight determines your opportunity for rate discounts and longer-term freight purchasing contracts. Freight Information Management System Tonnage Reports help you assess these opportunities.

The easy to read Inbound and Outbound Tonnage Reports summarize the carriers, shippers, origin cities, origin prov/states, consignees, destination cities, destination prov/states, modes, number of shipments, number of pieces, total weight, total costs, average cost per pound and weight per piece.